Pete Olsen is one of the top in the world on Twitter and other social media outlets with with over 510,000 followers on Twitter alone and adding more than 500 followers everyday. He can help explode your Twitter and social media marketing so your business and sales dramatically increase!


Pete can also tweet your product or service to his 510,000 plus followers several times a day to drive exposure and sales. Each tweet automatically goes to 20 other social media websites that Pete is connected to for maximum visibility that includes his friends and followers on Facebook!


Pete Olsen brings success to social media marketing plans of all sizes!

Grow your Twitter

Twitter is known as the best social media outlet for making new connections. It is quick, powerful, and best of all, easy to use! Whether you're new to Twitter or been at it for years, there's always room for growth! With Pete's help, you too can be a Twitter pro with a growing list of followers and increased activity. Grow your Twitter with Pete Olsen and watch your business grow with it!

Pete has learned the ins and outs of Twitter from getting followers and favorites to getting on lists and retweets. He is willing to put his knowledge to work for you by building your fanbase and activity in ways that build new connections and go straight to the bottom line.

Fuel your Facebook

Facebook is the social media outlet built for sharing multimedia content from all other channels and from across the internet. The possibilities for building and sharing relationships with others are endless! Pete has built a large presence on Facebook and helped his clients do the same.

The other side of Facebook is its ever-changing policies and structure that affect how content is shared and used. Pete will help you reach the most people, build relationships, build your fanbase, and get the most out of Facebook.

Making Google Work

Google+ may not be the coolest kid on the block, but it is more than just social media... it's SEO as well! Google+ is arguably the top social media outlet for SEO purposes. It is connected with YouTube and other online networking sites that make it relevant for getting your site ranked high on search engine results.

Besides using Google+, Pete can help you with SEO to make sure your business is listed on the first page of Google for nearly any keyword! Talk to Pete and learn how he can help your business grow exponentially through using Google to your advantage.

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What people are saying about Pete Olsen's social media marketing services

Pete's a Social Media whiz. If you are looking to learn and build your following on twitter and facebook; Pete is your man. He is high energy and enthusiastic about his passion, he will definitely lead you towards social media success with your business.

Maria Fuster

Small Biz Breaks

Thank you for your help increasing my twitter following. You promised me 10,000 new visitors within a month, and you delivered just that. I also appreciate all the kind words during the many shout outs you gave me, to your quarter of a million followers

Bo Blaze

Alternative Life Coach

My experience with the Twitter Guru Mr. Pete Olsen has been nothing short of excellence! Pete and his company have taken my company to the top of the social media world. In a very short time, Pete and his company have been able to give us brand recognition and increase our expose on the internet by an outstanding 1,000% or ten times what is what before we started with him and is growing daily. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for more expose of their product, company; services etc… get a consultation from Peter and allow him to prove to you what he can do. I believe he will be able to show you positive result in a matter of no time.

David J Angelo

Tiger Leadership Group

I'm thankful for Pete contributing his invaluable expertise to my social media marketing efforts. Twitter was a total mystery to me before Pete explained how to use it and helped me attract new followers and interactions.He has also boosted my SEO via his strategic social media marketing techniques so my website has moved up the rankings to the first page for several keywords. I'm getting more traffic than ever and most importantly, more conversions thanks to the increased visibility!

Nate Phillips


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